The Great Gatsby- Moulin Rouge -Swing -Disco- Dance

Showvision presents numerous themed shows including Vegas, Broadway, Chicago, The Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s & 30’s, Moulin Rouge, Tribal and many more. The shows feature choreographed dance with spectacular costuming. Shows can present up to twelve performer dancers, and can also feature male dancers.
gatsby_dancers20s_gatsby_shwo In a tribute to the ‘The Great Gatsby’ plan your event to the extravagant era of the Roaring ’20’s. Bring back the excitement of the 1920s and in the style of gangsters and flappers. This theme is vibrant, fun and tasteful; ideal for any corporate or private events. These fun, floor shows are perfect for your flappers-themed 1920s evening. Our dancers are dressed in authentically styled costuming, and really know how to entertain your guests – relive the glamour, outrageous, and opulence of the most exciting decade in the 20th Century…The Roaring ’20’s.