Abstract Breaking Systems

Abstract Breaking Systems is a unified group of professional, multi-talented performers who have come together from across Canada to deliver inspiring and limit-shattering performances. Abstract Breaking Systems’ sophisticated combination of acrobatics, hand-balancing, martial arts, parkour, circus arts, and of course break dancing is unique and extremely entertaining Crew members pool their talents and amplify one another’s strengths to produce innovative shows. From international busker festivals to large scale productions to your company’s Christmas party, this crew always strives to break the limits through creativity and jaw dropping stunts. These guys always leave the audience on the edge of their seats.

Aerial Trampoline show

This show is ideal for college and university orientation events. The show features high energy trampoline skills with aerial routines choreographed to rock, and popular culture music. This show appeals to all ages audiences. The show has performed at universities, colleges, fairs, festivals, corporate events, and Canada day events.

Acrobatics & hand balance

Our performers are multi-talented individuals presenting inspiring performances. Acrobatics, hand-balancing, martial arts, breakdancing and circus arts is featured in this truly entertaining high energy show. Team work, coordination, and timing are the features of this incredible display of strength, fitness and skill. This spectacle of stunts and skillful movements is choreographed to music. Acrobatics with break dance is ideal for many types of events. These guys always delight children and adults alike, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Euro cirque

Euro circus is based out of Toronto performing a variety of “unforgettable circus acts” for audiences of all ages. This unique group of performers is a Russian-Canadian family. The show presents juggling, unicycling, hoop spinning, contortion, balance acts and more. The show will delight children and adults alike. Show options include stilt walking, juggling, fire eating, rolla bolla, Nanaika Dance, acro trapeze, contortion, hula hoops and circus balance acts.

Hand Balance & Acro Sync duo

The show features two female performers presenting contortion, hand balancing, acrobatics, and pyramids. The show is very graceful and is be presented with music. Performers will delight guests with their gracement movements and motions. The ten minute show is normally presented in two five minute segments. There is a costume change after the first show segment. Performers avaialble for atmosphere and strolling entertainment also.