The Poynters

You may have experienced The Poynter’s at a Club Med or in any of some thirty eight cities throughout the world or aboard one of several cruise ships in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Then again, it may have been at Ontario Place, The CNE,
or various Canadian resorts and theatres. Or perhaps you were mesmerized by Ken’s dexterity during one of their convention or corporate appearances for numerous Fortune 500 companies. If so, you know that they combine their finely honed skills as magicians, illusionists, and masters of escape with a natural flair for balancing drama and humour. For over 25 years Ken has been amazing audiences with the increasingly mysterious innovations of a successful magic career inspired in childhood. 17 years ago Ken found his new apprentice Barbi, and soon the company was officially made a team effort. Together this spellbinding couple continue to dazzle audiences.For audiences that enjoy a hillarious, highly skilled,
well-choreographed performance, being entertained by The Poynter’s is a delightful experience. Click here for more info and video.

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