This showcase features a variety of acts and talent. Comedic aerial finesse Duo, Action-packed martial arts fusion Team, Physical comedy, aerial and acrobatic antics. Original one-man musical marionette show. Fire Guy demonstrates his love of all things flammable during his one of a kind presentation, and much more!

Anastasia and Miranda SplitalotskiAnastasia and Miranda Splitalotski are recently orphaned circus sisters from Poland . They find themselves unexpectedly reunited on the streets of Canada as they seek their fortune in the New World . Anastasia, sausages and aerial contortion combine in a dizzying delight of the senses. Miranda opens a Pandora’s box and finds her dirty laundry hung up for all to see. This comedic duo combine aerial finesse with the sublimely ridiculous. By The Sinisisters (Rebecca Devi & Athena Lemarre).

Team RyoukoAction Packed Martial Arts Team presents fast paced, action-packed martial arts fusion. Inspired by the likes of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and many others, Team Ryouko is comprised of skilled break dancers, acrobats, stunt professionals and martial artists with the single vision of exploring the limitations of the human body.

Special Agents Tights of White Satin and AphroditeThis brand spanking new aerial performance is a comic take on the 21st Century concept of GRRL Power. With bulging muscles and more than enough sass to prove their femininity, Special Agents Tights of White Satin and Aphrodite escort you on a dizzying trail of death defying challenges as they work together(?) to defy gravity and decide the fate of all humanity. The show is a fusion of physical comedy, aerial and acrobatic antics. It is underscored by a high energy soundtrack that keeps pace with the adrenaline rush that accompanies the task of saving the world.

Funny Waiter showThe Funny Waiter show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Is it funny? Yes! The Funny Waiter is very proud, (perhaps too proud) to present a classic routine some thought was lost to the ages. The flying marshmallow routine, the classic tablecloth routine, and the plate spinning finale (Nine! Count ’em nine spinning plates!). One of the most exciting finales known to man has been given a comedy makeover. You’ll experience non-stop laughs while on the edge of your seat. Please note: Due to the intense concentration needed for this extravaganza, The Funny Waiter will once again remind you to turn off all cell phones. Did he remember his own?

musical marionette showHailing from Macedonia , this amazing entertainer’s original one-man musical marionette show has made numerous appearances at festivals and events throughout Western Europe, North America, and Japan . The puppets are custom-made by the puppeteer, with special innovations that make the puppets look more realistic as they move their bodies and play their musical instruments. With the timeless style of theatre and a hip, contemporary repertoire, the performance is a showcase of quick-witted humour and unusual skill. This show has delighted people of all ages and nationalities with its direct approach and involvement of audience members.

Stilt walkersStilt walkers of every description roam the festival grounds.  To the delight and amazement of everyone, this troupe of giants possess talent and charcter to match their stature. Tall is beautiful!

Fire GuyFire Guy demonstrates his love of all things flammable during his one of a kind presentation: The Wheely Hot Show! It’s a high-energy act incorporating a 5-foot leap over flaming bars, fiery ramps, and a blazing hoop of fire. Exhilarating daredevil stunts combined with his light-hearted sense of humour makes this amazing skateboard trickster a guaranteed laughing, clapping, gasping good time for the whole family. Hilarious and heart warming!

Duke DreamerONCE , in a dream, Duke Dreamer saw himself – but smaller – (his own tiny "mini-me") high up in a cloud. He was performing the greatest show the world had ever seen! NOW , Duke recreates his fantastical dream … side-splitting props comedy, absolutely absurd dancing, a surreal "mini-me" dream sequence, the incredible "Ladder to the Sky", an innovative inflatable cloud illusion, juggling like you’ve never seen before – and then there’s that hilarious "pygmy inside the lasso" bit too. Whether it is performing incredible feats, dancing a parody of himself, or engaging the crowd with comic patter and playful absurdism, Duke Dreamer shows you that when you dream, anything is possible!

BenThis show is an original entertainment experience by a super charged comedy stunt man. From the second Ben hits the stage his high-energy show never ceases to amaze. He is a master of odd skills from the truly unbelievable to the totally absurd – he rides a giant unicycle, a ridiculously tiny bicycle, and he performs some of the most outrageous stunts, mind-bending physical comedy, and hilarious sight gags ever seen.

acrobaticsAn up-beat, high-flying spectacle of stunning physical prowess and impeccable timing. Viewers will be astounded by the bold competition level, dare-devil stunts and elated by this spirited demonstration of high-energy acrobatics. You will walk away exhilarated and inspired.

Cirque Solo Cirque Solo is a "hiplarious" vaudevillian, all-comedy, one-man variety show intermixed with the musical and magical: banjo, clarinet, rapid fire stand-up comedy, juggling, magic, ventriloquism, sight gags and audience participation. Tony has performed with performers such as Howie Mandel, Joan Rivers and Jeff McBride and has appeared on many television spots including the Comedy Shoppe, Evening at The Improv, and various other programs.