Master Hypnotist Asad Mecci

Asad Mecci hypnotist 22937563689_bc69f24e9d_oMaster Hypnotist Asad Mecci is an international performer who has entertained top-level corporations, universities, cruise lines and five star resorts around the world. Asad has guest-performed on television and radio, including Much Music, MTV Canada, Talk Television, YTV, ATN, South Asian Newsweek, Ishtyle Television and CFRB. Asad’s stage performances have entertained crowds at Canada ‘s Wonderland, Skydome, Sheraton World Resort and Super Club Breezes. Corporate Events
This corporate show is the most fast-paced, high-energy performances in the entertainment market today. From the beginning of the show, Asad immediately captures the attention of the audience with some fun-filled mind power exercises that everyone can participate in.Then he immediately picks out willing volunteers right from the company roster-individuals who want to come up on stage and entertain their colleagues and friends.What results is approximately sixty minutes of continuous laughter that allows his volunteers to become the stars of the show. Whether they are talking to their shirts, or driving their brand-new sports cars down the road, it is guaranteed that the volunteers are treated with respect and are having as much fun as the people in the audience. Asad’s show is politically correct, tasteful, and suitable for even the most conservative corporate clients.