Michael Bourada professional magician

Experience Amazing Magic and Illusion at Your Next Event!
Michael Bourada is full-time professional magician in Ottawa, performs over 200 shows annually and has over 17 years of experience; he’s undeniably become the premier choice among Ottawa Magicians.

His first real break came at age 15 when he was asked to be on a national TV show on Global, called ‘Today’s Talent’. This was a spin-off from the Canadian TV talent show ‘Tiny Talent Time’ which aired in the 1980’s. After he had national exposure, opportunities began to present themselves and by age 17 he became one of the youngest magicians in Canada to ever have there own touring theatrical production.

He performed at theatres primarily within reasonable driving distances due to his schooling however once he finished high school, the road became a very familiar place for him as he sucessfully toured Eastern Canada. Having completed multiple tours over the last several years, Michael never forgot about his show that got him started, the local performances at birthdays, schools, camps, company events and more; he performed as often as he could in Ottawa.

Flash forward to today and Michael is 32 years old, married, a father of two and still performs full-time averaging about 200 shows annually. In 2012 he was nominated for Canadian Entertainer of The Year and although he has drastically reduced his travels, he still performs at various events throughout Canada and the USA; his main focus now is entertaining in his home town of Ottawa ON.

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one of the Foremost Magicians in Ottawa, Michael Bourada! The great thing about this presentation is that everything is self-contained. Michael provides everything needed to create a show that is fun, magical and memorable. Sound System, Microphone, Backdrop and more are all included when you book.