Afro-Brazilian Martial Art Dance and Acrobatics

Developed in Brazil over 400 years ago, this unique art form of Martial art combining self-defense with music and acrobatics continues to delight and entertain to this day around the world. This distinctly Brazilian entertainment art form was developed in the streets of Brazil in the 19nth century by those who were once slaves. Love of music united the cultures of West Africans and native Brazilians and it was not long before the roots were firmly set. It is like a choreographed dance between two people, performing to music and with a distinct combination of circular movements and acrobatics. The Brazilian philosophy, which still holds true today, is that Music inspires dancing, creativity inspires freedom, and assertiveness inspires solidarity. These principles have blended together to form a unique and lively show of skill, and dancing with music. This unique presentation will delight all, and is ideal for a multitude of theme ideas.