Vaudeville Steve





PlateImagine if Steve Martin, W.C. Fields, and Penn & Teller put on a show together – it would probably look something like this. Vaudeville Steve’s high-energy performances are an audience-involved blend of clean comedy, juggling, magic and hilarious physical stunts. His performances have inspired amazement, laughter, and applause from audiences for over 20 years. An accomplished performer, Steve has the knack of making the audience a part of the show. From the very first “Hi!” to the action-packed, hilarious finale, Steve’s striking brand of showmanship never fails to win over the most hard-to-please crowd. Steve’s show is a hit with family audiences because he has found a universal level of humour that both children and parents find funny. His blend of mind-blowing magic, outrageous juggling, and hilarious audience participation keeps everyone ? young and old ? glued to the edge of their seat. It’s a performance that everyone will remember for a long time to come! In addition to the tremendous success he enjoys in the field of family entertainment, Steve?s unique brand of vaudevillian humour has also made him a favourite of corporate audiences. Corporate events such as banquets, conferences, and keynote entertainment are so specialized that Steve has created a special web site to meet these needs. If you are looking for some good, clean fun for an adult audience this show is sure to please.